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“You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to live until you die.”

Dame Cicely Saunders
Founder of Hospice in London, England
A Community Where Every Day of Life Matters
"I would recommend Hospice to everyone. If was great to be able to have my loved one at home. With Hospice and Respite they provided the help that I needed in order for me to take care of my husband. Both Hospice and Respite provided a lot of respect and hard work in helping me with keeping him home and comfortable. They were always willing to come whenever I need their help. I could not have cared for my husband at home by myself, so their help and assistance made it possible. My husband always had a good word to say about all the care he received, whether it was from his family or from the individuals at Hospice. Hospice was very much appreciated."

The Sharp Family

Lamar Area Hospice has been called upon three times in recent years to assist and guide my family during the end of life and death of three family members. The first was in 2000 when Lamar Area Hospice was in its infancy and again in 2012 twice. Each time the compassion and professionalism in dealing with the family member and the family was so appreciated. Obviously from 2000 to 2012 the additional resources available to Hospice and the growth of the organization made a world of difference. Deb Pelley and her staff can not be applauded enough for the first rate organization and facility they have put together. The assistance and support along with a bountiful amount of compassion and caring for the patient and family up to death, comes only from experienced and caring people. The support, contacts and genuine concern long after the funeral for those left behind is an ongoing process of continued caring and support.
The staff and volunteers are truly ANGELS!

​Gale R. Tempel - July 11, 2013
How Lamar Area Hospice helped our loved one and family? That is a question that is very hard to answer; there are so many words that can be used to describe Lamar Area Hospice: compassionate, loving, caring, respectful, friendly, etc...It is like having a very caring family there to help you along the process of the feeling tired, alone, hurt and all the other feelings that go along with losing someone very close to you. When the McCaslin family was hit with the news that Bill McCaslin had cancer, the family went through so many emotions, then accepted the fact that they were going to lose a very special person in their life. The weaker Bill got, the harder it was to take good care of him and family members were needing a little extra help with him, the family called Hospice to come into the home and they made you feel so good, it was like everything was lifted off your shoulders and there were so many helpng hands to help, from explaining Hospice was about and how they could help, CNA's, RN's and the volunteers that would come to the home just to check in with everyone, what a very wonderful feeling to have people like the Lamar Area Hospice. The very special feeling didn't stop once the McCaslin's lost Bill, Hospice has done several things since then, they have held many celebrations for all the family's that have lost someone and it feels so great to know that you are not alone to deal with the feelings that the family has after the death of a family member. There are not enough words to describe Lamar Area Hospice. They are a great family to have to come into your home; the McCalsin family appreciates everything they do and what they keep doing for other families. 

The McCaslin Family
Lamar Area Hospice ® 108 W Olive St. PO Box 843 Lamar, CO 81052

We the family of Jettie Dillion would like to publicly thank the Lamar Area Hospice and Respite Care for the exceptional care equipment, supplies and support they provided for our mother and grandmother through the past 16 months. The Nurses, CNA's, Volunteers and Staff were awesome. We would never have been able to provide the required level of care for her without your help and support. We cannot say thank you enough. We shall forever be grateful for your loving compassion towards Miss Jettie and to us the family. A double thumbs up to you all.

The Family Of Jettie Dillion